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The Tone Canal

The Tone Canal runs along the northern end of Nagareyama, and is a vital canal which connects the Edogawa River to the Tone River. Built back in 1890 by Dutch civil engineer Anthonie Rouwenhorst Mulder, the canal was the first western engineering project to be built in Japan. The Tone Canal quickly became a central method of transportation for moving goods between the Tohoku region of Japan to Tokyo.

Though the canal is no longer used for transporting goods today, it is still one of the most visited tourist destinations in Nagareyama. The Unga Waterside Park, which runs along the Tone Canal, is lush with plants and rare species of birds that makes for an enjoyable stroll, where you can enjoy the beauty of all four seasons.

The area is especially beautiful around spring, when the 130 cherry blossom trees that grow around the canal all bloom, making for a breathtaking view. Usually around this time of year, there is a light up display where you can enjoy the beauty of the cherry blossoms and canola flowers at night. Autumn and winter is also a wonderful time to see the Red Spider Lily flowers and other beautiful plants that only bloom when the colder months roll around.

Due to the lush nature that surrounds the area, the Tone Canal used to be known as the “Oasis of the Capital City.” Today, you can still explore the canal area, where you can find a plaque made in honor of Mulder, and a farmer’s market that is held every fourth Saturday of the month. Located conveniently to the train station, it is the perfect place to go for a stroll when the weather is nice!