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The Honcho Area Dictionary

The Nagareyama Honcho Area is the area next to the Edo River that flows to the west of the city. This area flourished during the Edo Period as a central hub for water transportation, due to its convenient location along the river, which was a central route for transporting shiro mirin and other staple foods to and from Edo (present-day Tokyo). The Honcho area has roads and storefronts with over 100 years of history, and remnants of this rich history remain in city today, with several vintage Japanese storehouses being used as art galleries, cafes and restaurants. Many stores have been in business since the Edo and Meiji Periods, and continue to honor the past by passing down these businesses through the generations. 

Kirie-Andon lanterns are a combination of kirie artwork, made using a Japanese paper-cutting technique, and traditional andon lanterns. These lanterns are hand-made by a pair of locally famous residents, and there are over 100 of them scattered across the Nagareyama Honcho area. At night, their soft glow amplifies the Edo Period atmosphere that still lingers in the streets and corridors of the Honcho area.

Nagareyama is the birthplace of shiro mirin, or white mirin, a type of sweet rice wine that was originally consumed as a sweet alcoholic beverage but is now widely used as an essential condiment in Japanese cooking. In Nagareyama, you can find various dishes, desserts, and confections that are made using locally-produced shiro mirin.

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Kokosil Web Link: https://home.nagareyama.kokosil.net/en/