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Issa Soju Memorial Hall

One of the most beautiful locations in Nagareyama, this memorial hall was dedicated to the deep friendship between Issa Kobayashi, a renowned haiku poet in the history of Japan, and Sanzaemon Akimoto the Fifth (Pen name: Soju), who got his fortune by brewing mirin, a cooking ingredient that originated in Nagareyama. The Akimoto family’s house and garden has been refurbished to replicate how it looked back when Kobayashi visited.

The best part is the Japanese garden though, where you can sit on the traditional engawa porch and look out at the scenery, or walk through the garden by following the stepping stone path that weaves through it. You can also enjoy matcha and other various seasonal desserts as you relax on the porch.

It is worth visiting at different times of the year, as the garden reveals different colors throughout the seasons. You can reflect on all the haiku poetry on display, written by both Issa Kobayashi and people around the area who submit their works during the monthly poetry competitions, allowing for an appreciation for the beauty of both art and nature.