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Bird: “Ride Electric”

Explore the historical streets and corridors of Nagareyama in style! On March 1, 2022, the City of Nagareyama installed electric scooter rental stations in various locations around the city. In collaboration with a company called Bird, this electric scooter rental service allows you to rent an electric scooter through the Bird app, found on the iOS App Store for iPhones or Google Play for Androids. It allows you to pick up a quick ride when needed, with great ease.

Look for Bird designated parking spots scattered around Nagareyama! There are currently 12 locations in the city where these electric scooters can be found:

  1. Ryutetsu Nagareyama Station
  2. Ryutetsu Heiwadai Station
  3. Issa-Soju Memorial Hall
  4. Kaleidoscope Gallery and Museum
  5. Nagareyama Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  6. Gofuku Machiya
  7. Kagoya Store
  8. Nagareyama Tourism Design
  9. Nagareyama City Hall
  10. Care Center
  11. Nagareyama Central Park Station: in front of the Real Estate Office Kato-ya
  12. Nagareyama Central Park Station: to the side of Tohru Dentistry & Ayano Orthodontics

Renting an electric scooter starts at 100 yen, and is 10 yen per minute afterward, and you can rent them between 6AM and 10PM. If you want to make of day of it in Nagareyama, why not rent a trusty e-scooter and zip through the historical streets, with a modern ride?

Rules and Safety Procedures:

  • Helmets are highly recommended.
  • Note that the Bird scooters are prohibited on all Prefectural Roads and some City Roads.
    • Though the scooters will automatically power off in areas outside of its operating area, make sure to double-check the map on the Bird app to see where you are allowed to drive.
  • Note that Japanese traffic laws classify electric scooters as a vehicle. Make sure to follow Japanese electric scooter and traffic laws including, but not limited to:
    • Travel at a maximum speed of 20km/hr.
    • Drinking and driving is strictly prohibited.
    • One rider per vehicle. Riding one scooter with two people is prohibited.
    • Do not ride on pedestrian designated roads or sidewalks. You can only ride on car or bicycle designated roads.
    • If you are travelling on a road with several lanes, stay in the left most lane, or in the bike lane. Riding in the right lanes is not allowed.
  • Got in an accident? Call 110 and/or 119.
  • If your Bird scooter was stolen while renting, or if you are having other troubles, access the Help Center located in the Bird app.

How to Use:

  1. Log into or create an account on the Bird app with your smartphone. (**Note that you will need to provide a photo of some form of identification to prove you are over the age of 16).
    • Make sure the Bluetooth feature is activated on your phone.
  2. Through the app, you can rent a scooter by scanning the QR code found on the vehicle, and start your rental.
  3. Get on the scooter, and kick the ground 2-3 times in order to get it moving, and hold the accelerator, found on the ride handle of the handlebars.
  4. The break bars can be found on both handles.
  5. Vroom, vroom!