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A Glance At Nagareyama Through American Eyes (4/11/2023)

Hello, my name is Amanda, and I am the new Coordinator of International Relations for Nagareyama City Hall’s Nagareyama Honcho/Tone Unga Tourism Promotion Section, as of July 2023. I am originally from San Diego, California, which is known for its beaches and tacos. I hope to become a bridge that connects the cool sights and spots of Nagareyama to the rest of the world!

Nagareyama’s Canola Flowers that Lead to Spring

Spring has finally arrived! Japan is famous for its stunning four seasons, but when springtime rolls around, nature seems to become possessed by a multitude of colors. In the United States, your perception of the seasons varies greatly depending on where in the country you are located. Coming from San Diego, which has a semi-desert climate, most of the plants that grow around the area are a dried-out, brown color, making the ever-changing natural beauty of Japan a rare, and precious sight. This doesn’t mean the U.S. lacks scenic landscapes however. The colossal rock formations of the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, and Yellowstone, to name a few, are among some of the most breathtaking views in the world. Though the natural landscapes of the U.S. take different shapes and forms than the delicate and intricate beauty of Japan’s four seasons, nature is just as appreciated and valued in its own ways.

When spring comes around in Nagareyama, much like the historic switch from black-and-white television to color TV, the city seemingly transforms from the gloomy, gray weather of winter, to the bright, blooming colors of springtime. Especially in late March, a countless number of canola flowers bloom along the Edogawa River, causing the riverside to be colored into an endless stream of bright yellow, stretching as far as the eye can see. It is almost as if the Yellow Brick Road from the classic movie “The Wizard of Oz,” has appeared right in Nagareyama, and the beautiful view from alongside the Edogawa River, almost makes you feel like you are exploring a magical land.

The Tone Canal however, takes the cake when it comes to showing off the colors of spring in Nagareyama. The Tone Canal Waterside Park has 130 sakura cherry blossom trees that grow alongside the Tone Canal. Usually around late March to early April, the cherry blossom trees go into full bloom, painting the surrounding area into a soft pink color. This, along with the bright green riverbank, and the blossoming yellow canola flowers, creates a truly magnificent balance of color and nature, making it the perfect place for doing Hanami (“flower viewing,” a traditional Japanese custom) or going for a nice stroll through the park. When night time comes during cherry blossom season, the sakura trees are lit up from 6 PM to 9 PM, causing an image of the delicate petals to reflect off of the surface of the canal. If you drive your car on the road alongside the Tone Canal, the falling petals almost look like snow as they flutter down onto your windshield, making for a very elegant, almost nostalgic display. Spring in Nagareyama is an important treasure that continues to capture the hearts of people in both Japan and around the world with its delicate, yet ever-present beauty.